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Posted: March 07, 2011

Jim Carey Bio

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Jim Carey:

Hi, it’s Jim Carey from the Cash and Carey Most Music Morning Show and I’m proud to say I’ve been around the world and haven’t made it back yet! I was an Army brat and we moved 7 times by the time I was in 7th grade. The greatest lesson I learned from moving was I needed to be confident in who I was and always open to meeting new people . That’s why I’m excited to move to Tulsa . I figure there are a few hundred thousand people here I can meet.

I love my kids,  Alex and Abby, and God blessed them with a great Mother (not to mention an awesome Wife!). Tracey and I met while working in Columbus, OH. You know how they say, never date anyone at work because it can turn out bad? Well, I figured I’d better marry Tracey before things had a chance to go downhill. We’ve been married 14 years and have two wonderful kids. FYI... they’re twins. Now, having said all these wonderful things about my wife and kids I have to be honest...the glue that really holds my family together is my dog, Casey. She’s a 10 year old American Fox Hound, 100% All American Mutt! Her greatest trick, and only trick, is she can sing along with Garth Brooks, Friends in Low Places. 

A few accomplishments I’m proud of... being a youth group leader... raising $1.5 million for the Children’s Miracle Network... and becoming a school bus driver. I was unemployed for 11 months and decided I needed to do something other then collect government checks. So I applied to be a school bus driver! I was known as the “Cool Bus Driver”. I never drove the same route twice because I was a substitute driver. Everyday there would always be a driver who’d called in sick or had an appointment. So everyday I was handed a sheet of directions and told to go pick up or drop off a bus load of kids. Honestly, I was scared to death, but after I got the hang of it I was pretty darn good. And after close to 20 years of doing radio I had to push myself to learn and excel at a new skill. Outside of radio, this was the first new skill I learned since college. I’m proud of what I did. Proud of not only learning something new, but standing up and being a Man for my family when they needed it. That’s a good feeling and I’m glad God gave me the challenge.

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