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Posted: March 10, 2011

Natalie Cash Bio

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Natalie Cash:

 I won't bore you with my life story.... ok maybe I will, just in case inquiring minds want to know, and because I like to talk. WELL, I guess I'm typing...First of all, I'm all over the place, a little ditzy, but college educated.  So here's a little about me.

  On July 10th, 1978, I was born into a family of teachers.  My funny, cool dad was a football coach/ Oklahoma History at Owasso and my beautiful mom was an educator as well, teaching first and second grade at Owasso Public Schools.  I thought I was destined to play sports because well, that was what I was supposed to do right?!?!?  It's all I did growing up. 

   I did play basketball and softball in college at Oklahoma Baptist University, but once I was finished learning, I headed south to Dallas, TX!  I loved it there and this is where I began my radio career.  In the back of my mind, I always wanted to be the next Oprah, Ellen, Larry King...basically, that person to talk and entertain people.  I heard Oprah started in radio so I took my happy self into a honky tonk station (shout out to KHYI) saying I would work for free. 

 That experience then sent me west to Las Vegas (KWNR), by the way, not working for free.  I've loved every single experience in radio and honestly, it's never felt like work.  My journey in Vegas was amazing!  I attended a ton of red carpets, meting celebrities, been to several award shows like the ACM's and the AMA's, but I think Dorothy says it best, "there's no place like home". 

  No matter what cool event I attended there was always something missing... my family, my church, and did I say family!  I guess you never realize what you're missing until it's really not there... and in Vegas, family was nowhere to be found.  I have an older brother named Ryan, who to this day keeps me grounded. I have a sister-in-law who went to Union, and the most beautiful niece named Sophia Grace. 

  All of these things have made every part of this move back to T-Town so worth it.  I've always been in love with Tulsa and couldn't ask for a better community to live around.  Since moving back, I moved back in with my amazing mom and now that I'm older I can say I love my time with her, I have a ton of family still in Owasso, like my aunt and uncle, Fleeta and Ed Sunday, all my cousins who I love dearly, and even my Uncle James in OKC, oh and we can't forget about my Uncle Baldy!  OKAY, OKAY, I know, enough about family. 

  Can you tell I'm glad to be back?!?!? I feel so blessed to be working with Jim Carey too.  This guy has more passion for radio than my dog Charlie has for his bone I just handed to him.  Thanks for listening and letting me do what I love every morning!! 

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